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“I am six months post-op, and 105 pounds lost is absolutely amazing. I am more active. I am more healthy. I actually love to go to the gym.”

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Mom & Daughter Yolanda & Genevieve

“Since my surgery, I haven’t taken Tylenol, I got off about 50 medications, no more oxygen, no more CPAP machine, and I just feel like I gave myself some years to live.”

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Medical Weight Loss

You may be ready to begin your weight loss journey, but aren't yet ready to make a surgical step. Or, you may need a medically supervised weight loss program as part of the bariatric surgical counseling process. If so, we are happy to direct you to our non-surgical weight loss specialist or work with your regular PCP to identify a plan that most impacts your overall health.

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Meet the Physician

Born and raised in Argentina, Dr. Fermin Fontan speaks English and Spanish fluently, bringing a bilingual treatment option for his patients. Dr. Fontan is a robotically trained, board-certified general surgeon specializing in metabolic and weight loss surgery. He performs laparoscopic gastric adjustable banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch bariatric procedures. He is the only robotically trained weight loss surgeon in New Mexico.

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